I prefer HIV than HERPES. I contacted viral diseases caused by herpes viruses, many people never have symptoms even though they are carrying the virus. i never knew that i have herpes until i notice Blisters and ulceration on my cervix,feeling Pain when urinating,high temperature ,feeling unwell,Cold sores around the mouth and Vaginal discharge.when i notice it then i went to hospital for test, and the doctor told me that i have herpes! i was crying because of the pain and itching and the doctor also told me that there is know cure.when in got home, i told my husband about it and he has know bad reaction toward it.he always give me hope that some days i will get the cure.i was at work when my husband called me that he saw a post on the internet posted by a woman from USA on how she was cure from herpes with the help of a herbal doctor called doctor osas. so i ask him if he has the herbal doctor contact he told me yes, i tell him to send me the herbal doctor i collect the herbal doctor email and mail him about my herpes that i need cure.he reply my mail,and told me to send him my details about my self.after that he told me that his herbal medicine is free,that all he need from me is to provide the items needed for the preparation,wish i did.after few days he send the herbal medicine to me and tell me how to use.after few days i found out that the pain and itching has gone.after two week i went to hospital for medical checkup. the doctor carry out the test and told me that i am herpes negative.i never have the believe that i will ever be cure from herpes, i am so happy finally doctor osas take away my pain from me.if you are having type of herpes, i want you to email DOCTOR OSAS for your own cure via his email address or contact his number via +2348112252378 or you can as well add him on whatsapp with same number


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